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Keep on Keeping on …. as the ROT goes on….

Assuming too much about the woods? I refer to an item published last week in the ‘Scarborough News’ concerning ‘Felling of ‘non-native’ trees in Raincliffe woods’. This article falls short on accuracy on several counts and attempts to justify this

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Letter to the Chairman or RWCE board 16.6.16 …..Still awaiting a reply!

Regarding Raincliffe Woods, Row Brow and Forge Valley. Dear Mr. Sword, It has become apparent that our very different outlooks have come into   conflict since you became a participating force in Scarborough Council’s ‘Social Enterprise’ experiment.   After over four years,

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Desperate Diatribe….

I feel impelled to once again write about Raincliffe Woods, responding to last week’s article in the Scarborough News by Mr Simon Bowers. Some of his comments sadly fall well short of what one would expect of a professional in

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Undemocratic Attitude from Councillors

A Veil of Secrecy Over Raincliffe’        –     Published Scarborough News 25.Feb.2016 Why, I wonder is there a dubious veil of secrecy surrounding the future of Raincliffe Woods? In 2012 the council first demonstrated its forsaken commitment to the protection of

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Open Letter to all Borough Councillors 2/2/2016

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Posters are Poor Placebo – see comment ….

”Nice comforting image – are YOU reassured by this though”? ‘BUT ….. this has NO relevance to Raincliffe Woods what so ever’! ‘I’m afraid to say this seems like misleading propaganda and is nothing more than a psychological comfort blanket’!  ‘Conservation’ ? – 

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Weather Events Highlight Misguided Operations

Yet, here in Scarborough with no consideration for the proven facts, established Larch trees that form much of the woodland canopy are being senselessly removed

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Letter to Scarborough News – 26th Nov 2015

Our Woods in unsafe hands It seems prevailing silence from so called ‘Raincliffe Woods community Enterprise’ speaks volumes and is equal only to its utter incompetence and misguided vision. From the start only a selected sharing of information was initially

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Call to Action

Ask not what the Woodlands can do for you!  – Ask what YOU can do for the Woodlands! Sign the petition to Robert Goodwill MP on Facebook…. Contact your local councillors               –    emails tend to be ignored sadly

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