Letter to the Chairman or RWCE board 16.6.16 …..Still awaiting a reply!

Regarding Raincliffe Woods, Row Brow and Forge Valley.

Dear Mr. Sword,

It has become apparent that our very different outlooks have come into   conflict since you became a participating force in Scarborough Council’s ‘Social Enterprise’ experiment.   After over four years, it is fair to say that all our local community has received as a consequence amounts to doubt and misery. There has been no clear benefit to the community or genuine conservation effort incorporating preserving a valuable and existing habitat with a sustainable and sympathetic plan that embraces the present day character of Raincliffe Woods. Beyond that any remedial effort to make amends for the excessive removal of mature and healthy trees recently undertaken seems to have been done in a rather ad hoc fashion.

In view of the general dissatisfaction and growing suspicion among the general public about the activities of RWCE clearly manifest on social media, I will ask you to look again at what is proposed, and reconsider any forthcoming felling operations. With great respect I would like to point out that unlike our great privately owned estates, Raincliffe Wood, Row Brow and Forge Valley is still a public domain.


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Jayne Anne Strutt
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