Posters are Poor Placebo – see comment ….

  • ‘BUT ….. this has NO relevance to Raincliffe Woods what so ever’!
  • ‘I’m afraid to say this seems like misleading propaganda and is nothing more than a psychological comfort blanket’! 
  • ‘Conservation’ ? –  More like a desperate asset stripping exercise’!  
  • ‘These pretty ‘story book’ images do not make any real sense  applied to Raincliffe, and yet there’s more devastating high impact operations on the way’!

bull shit

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One comment on “Posters are Poor Placebo – see comment ….
  1. Jayne Strutt says:

    At least this is a belated attempt from the Woodland Trust to inform or sadly misinform the public. Is this simply an attempt pacify genuine concerns whilst these misguided operations carry on regardless? Does this poster stand analysis? a)- No timescale or guarantee for predicted restoration of woodland/scrubland, several generations at least. b)-the landscape illustrated bears no relation to Raincliffe’s unique topography. c)- if talking ‘football pitches’ this is rather deceptive and unscientific – small, large or medium pitches???
    Let us know what you think more posters on the way….

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